We met on eHarmony in 2012 – this process sort of feels like eHarmony again! For our first date, Jim suggested we meet at the local yogurt shop. When Jim learned Heather was up for ditching the yogurt plan to watch the San Francisco Giants win their 2nd World Series, he knew she might be someone special!   We are similar and share the same values about life and desire to raise a family. We enjoy and love each other. After a trip to France and Greece in 2014, Jim popped the question, and we were married shortly thereafter in a friend’s backyard! We have always known we wanted children and cannot wait to be parents. We look forward to providing a supportive and nurturing environment filled with love and laughter for our child. (Oh yeah – and changing lots of diapers too!)


“Our child will experience many fun barbecues, birthday parties, and picnics with our friends and family throughout the years.”



We love to travel and explore and are excited to show our child lots of cool places! Jim will be a great sports coach for our child and birthday party entertainer with his juggling skills.   Heather is looking forward to reading stories to our child from the day they are born and is eager to have a helper in the garden. We have a seat on the back of Jim’s bicycle for our child and are geared-up for regular family rides!


“Heather is looking forward to the most rewarding
and important job ever, being a full-time, stay-at-home mom!

Heather is so sweet and thoughtful. She makes everyone around her feel better with her positive attitude and genuine interest in people. I also love her willingness to try things – she has a fun sense of adventure. Despite her collecting and owning way too many antique sherbet bowls, I know she will be a terrific, dedicated mom to our child!   Heather has a Master’s of Arts degree in Communications and is a certified kitchen designer. She has a successful career as a marketing professional and works very hard.


Jim is an honest fun-loving person. He’s been very successful in his professional career and now in his teaching career. He’s smart, generous, thoughtful, and supportive of everyone. I love his sense of humor. He makes me laugh and teases me too much. He is well respected by his peers, friends, and the kids at the school. I am very proud, happy, and grateful to have
him in my life. He is a strong role model and
will be a wonderful father.

Jim’s first career after earning an engineering degree and a master’s degree in business was 20+ years in corporate sales management, where he rose to the VP level. However, he left to do something more important and is now a high school math teacher. “Mr. Harari” LOVES his job!

“Jim also coaches the soccer team, which is the perfect outlet for his passions for kids & sports.”